NEWS (001) - Jabrock go live at the 2019 Autosport International show


Jabrock Eyewear launched their new eyewear concept and first collection at the Autosport International 2019.

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At the 2019 Autosport International show we unveiled our new frames to the public and have been blown away with the response so far. The new concept of using Jabroc wood to create sunglasses have been in development for the past two years in order to bring a product we were happy with. It has been a challenge to achieve this, but it’s always a challenge when you are proving a new concept.

We want to thank all the people that stopped by at the show. It was great to finally get feedback from people and we are happy to hear it was all very positive.

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We were luckily to be joined at the show with the famous 2004 Nasamax LMP1 car which had just been fully re-built and it was a real eye catcher at the show. You needed our sunglasses just to look at it with its vibrant green checked colour scheme.

The story behind our connection with this car is an old used Jabroc race plank was the inspiration behind starting this concept and it led us to explore the possibilities of creating sunglasses from the unique wood.

We were proud to launch at the same time the car had been finished being fully restored, ready to race in the Masters Endurance Legends series in 2019.

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Our website is now up and running and ready to accept orders. If you have any questions feel free to reach out and email us at