Dean STIRLING & Mark Slaughter

It’s an unlikely partnership but one that leads to a perfect product. A racing driver and stuntman, both driven by strength, creativity and accuracy to rise in their chosen profession. We lend our journey, name and funds to this product, as part of a career based on a love for the unconventional. We’re passionate people who saw a gap in the market for eyewear that’s extraordinarily durable and utterly unique. We wanted to create objects that withstand the force of  lives and encapsulate the energy, freedom and adventure we aim for in our personal story. We’d like to get you know you as you pledge on our Kickstarter page and we’ll be life-logging our journey throughout.

Against the grain

The drive and creativity inherent in the Jabrock product is designed to appeal to every person who encapsulates the unconventional. There is a strength in our process that works with the extraordinary. See the people we meet through our social media, each one representing a facet of "I AM JABROCK". This is for you.

Dean Stirling - Racing Driver and Founder of Jabrock Eyewear

Mark Slaughter - Stuntman and Director of Jabrock Eyewear