Jabrock has combined its eyewear designs with motorsport technology to produce exceptional and extremely durable hand crafted sunglasses, from the specilist material used for protective skid planks on modern day racing cars. The mission is to produce the highest quality sunglasses while taking into account creativity and passion. We would like to explore the possibilities.



Dean STIRLING & Mark Slaughter

It’s an unlikely partnership but one that leads to a perfect product. A racing driver and stuntman, both driven by strength, creativity and accuracy to rise in their chosen profession. We lend our journey, name and funds to this product, as part of a career based on a love for exploring the unconventional. We’re passionate people who saw a gap in the market for eyewear that’s extraordinarily durable and utterly unique. We wanted to create sunglasses that stand out and encapsulate the energy, freedom and creativity we aim for. All while building a brand that celebrates the unconventional side of us all.

Against the grain

The drive and creativity inherent in the Jabrock product is designed to appeal to every person who encapsulates their own unconventional.  See the people we meet through our social media, each one representing a facet of "I AM JABROCK".

Dean Stirling - Racing Driver and Founder of Jabrock Eyewear

Mark Slaughter - Stuntman and Brand Director of Jabrock Eyewear



We’ve created sleek and slender eyewear designs for a truly special range of sunglasses. Each pair encompasses a pinstripe look in its construction due to the attributes of the material, as well as admirable hand-craftsmanship to the highest quality standards. During our development to create these sunglasses we went through various construction methods in order to find out the best and efficient way to produce them. In the end we came up with a 18 stage process of production which helped us make sure we could provide a reliable and durable product.