The behaviour of the Jabroc® wood means each piece develops its own characteristics in colour and grain, so no two frames are ever the same. Each one has its own individuality and uniqueness. Our frames go through such an extensive crafting process, it’s not difficult to see why they’re works of art in their own right.

Jabrock eyewear encapsulates a form of unconventional creativity. On this page we want to applaud and investigate forms of unconventional, we invite you to meet some unique and inspiring individules that represent the unconventional in our eyes.

We are Jabrock.

Mark Slaughter

Mark Slaughter

October 17, 2017

Stuntman / Artist / Co - Founder of Jabrock Eyewear

I make a living through the perception of risk. As a stuntman, you'll see me falling, burning, and fighting but the face you recognize is a trick of the eye. I live in a world created by the lens. What I do takes excellence in planning and a great deal of imagination. That’s what #unconventional means to me. creating that moment that reflects perfectly in the glass.



Dean Stirling.jpg

Dean Stirling

October 17, 2017

Racing Driver / Co - Founder of Jabrock Eyewear

When starting Jabrock the aim was to always stand apart from what was out there, using a material with great qualities that has only been used for one purpose in motorsport. This inspired me. To me, #unconventional means to define your best individual qualities.  As a racing driver, you analyse every detail in search of improvement constantly. This became a way of life and I carry this into whatever I choose to do.



Katy Bullock


October 16, 2017

Motorcycle Trials Champion / Professional singer /


Nobody is only one thing. I adore #unconventional and take pride in challenging what it means to claim personal success. I’m used to a second glance when I’m seen on the bike. Irrespective of gender, unconventional means going beyond what is expected on the surface. I feel as powerful on the machine, gaining a competitive advantage as I do on the stage, singing. We are never just one story.


Kyle Stirling

October 15, 2017

Photographer / Videographer for Auto Finesse

In a world where everyone is filming and taking photos these days #Unconventional means to me to stand out and don’t hold back, I guess. At least that is what I want to express when capturing images and video. Details, expression and emotion is what I want to present and to really evoke reaction in people is what I want to aim for. Unconventional means me doing it my way and expressing my own personality and passion. For me, there is no easier way to do that than filming and being around what you love.


Arron Mercer

October 14, 2017

Entrepreneur / Digital artist / Story teller

What is #unconventional? I guess it’s my career. My name is Aaron and I own Crystal Simulation, an interactive experience studio. Having earned my years in the creative and graphic design industry, I was an early mover into virtual reality. Like Jabrock, I guess I sense the world in another way. I tell a unique story and so do they. In a world where everything is becoming the same, there is strength in difference.